Book Club :: Ratings Round Up 2021-22

Rating Round Up for books in 2021-2022
Rating Round Up for books in 2021-2022

Reader beware! If last year was a peak in 4-star ratings for our book club, this year may have been a valley. That said, it didn’t feel like we were having a bad year of reading while we were in the midst of it. And, our discussions were as lively and engaging as always. But looking at the scores, this year’s books as a whole were found lacking.

We only had three books that scored in the 4’s compared to eight last year. And, we had two books that scored in the 2’s. A rating the 2’s is pretty rare for us, I don’t think we’ve ever had two in one year. But here we are. Note that books that have DNF – did not finish – by a member get an additional penalty which I describe here.)

Four of these books have won significant awards, and two of those were among our three highest ratings. So I’m not even sure what that says about awards. (But more on that in this post.)

TitleAuthorAvg. HighLow
HomegoingYaa Gyasi3.864.53.75 (2 DNF)
All Our Worldly GoodsIrene Nemirovsky3.5543.25
The Four WindsKristin Hannah3.342.5
ConsequencesPenelope Lively4.3653.75
The Night WatchmanLouise Erdrich3.534.53.25 (1 DNF)
The Remains of the DayKazuo Ishiguro4.394.753.25
The Nickel BoysColson Whitehead4.234.753.25
The SympathizerViet Thanh Nguyen2.1832.5 (2 DNF)
The Kurdish BikeAlesa Lightbourne2.93.52.5
Anxious PeopleFredrik Backman3.894.8752.75 (1 DNF)

When I see people on the inter-webs ask about recommendations for their books clubs, I typically point them to these round up posts for suggestions. Maybe this year’s list will just serve as a warning.

So, I’m not sure what to make of this year’s reading for my book group. I guess I can only say, I have high hopes for this upcoming year!


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