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This is a NO BOYS ALLOWED post. That’s right, fellas. Just skip on over to my review of I Know This Much Is True or the post about Quail Hollow Gardens, but read no further here! Today’s “Things I Love Thursday” is for girls only.  If you do keep reading, let me just say that you were warned.

************No Boys Beyond This Point ************

Now that we got that out of the way, this is that post. Yes, the post I alluded to in my first “Things I Love Thursday” that I said I’d have to get up some gumption to write about. But if I am completely myself, I can’t host “Things I Love” without mentioning this. one. thing. Because, this. one. thing. is THE thing I have been loving and recommending to all my besties for years. It is, Instead Softcup – an alternative – THE alternative – to tampons and pads. Yep, I have not used tampon nor pad for going on 15 years.

It was ~1996, and I was living in Tifton, GA, for my first teaching job. I was browsing a girlie-girl magazine – probably Cosmo – when I came across an ad. I don’t remember what the tag line was that hooked me, but if I called a given 1-800 number, I could receive a free sample of this life-altering alternative to traditional feminine products. I called the number and what I received, I have thanked the Lord for more times than I can count.

Instead is basically a plastic cup – the rim is hard but pliable and the bowl is made of a thin but strong plastic (think non-penetrable plastic wrap). You squeeze the rim together and insert it somewhat like you would an OB tampon. Once it is in, you won’t feel that its there. It stays in place, out of the way, during your whole period*. It empties when you go to the bathroom, and when your period is over, bear down using your pelvic floor muscles, push it down and pull hooking your finger under the rim. If it sounds complicated, it isn’t – I promise. In fact, you’ll get the knack quickly and just a soon, forget that you’re even having your period.

Because of where it sits, you can continue all of your normal activities as if you weren’t even having your period, even sex! Instead is less irritating and stays put longer than a tampon. And, do I really have to explain why it is better than a pad? If you are interested, there is a ton of information on their website.

Instead used to be hard to find. I remember once driving around from store to store looking for them until Target finally came through for me, and for a couple of years, that was the only place I found them. So of course I bought a several boxes (they don’t expire!) – hoarding them, lest they become unavailable. (I felt like Elaine from the “sponge-worthy” episode.)  Recently, I’ve seen several stores carrying them, so they shouldn’t be hard to find.

Through the years, I’ve recommended this to many of my girlfriends and have several that are as much a fan as I am.The Instead Softcup, this is something I love.

*Disclaimer: The company recommends changing the cup every 12 hours. I have never done this. I have always used just one per period. And, this is one of the reasons I love it – I’m not always messing with stuff down there. I put it in once, take it out once & that’s it. (Yes, you ’empty’ it as often as you go the bathroom.) Also, using one cup per period means I buy one box of 12 a year – so this is much more economical than tampons or pads. 


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3 Replies to “Love :: Instead Softcup

  1. I’m proud of you for posting this! Seems impossible, but I’m willing to try just about anything once. 🙂

  2. I really do love these and I’ve only used them for one period to date! I will use your technique of one per period. So economical! I’m never going back.. ever.

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