Book Review :: Night of Miracles

Book Review Night of Miracles

Book Review Night of MiraclesNight of Miracles is the 2nd book in Elizabeth Berg’s Arthur Truluv series, but if you’re like me and haven’t read the first one, that’s OK. This novel stands on its own just fine.

I like Elizabeth Berg. I’ve read several of her other novels, and like them, Night of Miracles is about a community of people that feel awfully familiar. People who live, die, get divorces, have crushes, make mistakes, turn bitter, get cancer, barter with God, talk to dead loved ones.

At first, I thought I was reading a collection of short stories. Beautiful, simple stories that quickly and poignantly got to the heart of humanity. The characters changed from one chapter to the next, and each chapter felt complete on its own. I had to go back to the description of the book to confirm and I realized that the characters would meet up soon enough, and connect they did.

Lucille is grieving a companion who returned to her late in life and then was gone again too soon. Iris is grieving the loss of a marriage she thought she didn’t want.  And, young Lincoln is living in fear that he’ll soon be grieving the loss of his mom.

These characters come together along with others (Tiny and Monica might be able to figure out that they both like each other if they could only stop misreading the other) in the small town of Mason, Missouri, to help each other live better and love better.

With narrative that’s driven by ordinary people seeking connection and community, this seemingly simple story is packed with wisdom – the essence of Elizabeth Berg’s gift.


I was provided an advanced reader copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. To learn more, go to Night of Miracles will be available on Nov. 13, 2018. 


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