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summer reading listsBased on what I’m seeing these days, summer reading guides are almost as popular as year end “best of” lists. With upcoming vacations that could mean hours idle on a plane, beach or in a car, it seems everyone is ready to make sure you’re well equipped to fill the void. If you’re one who is planning on making a list, here’s a round-up of some of the lists I’ve enjoyed pursuing.

The Bitter Southerner: A round up of Southern reads that includes fiction, memoir, a children’s book and a couple of cookbooks. This summer reading guide includes An American Marriage and The Almost Sisters – both of which I’ve read and support with their place on this list.

Modern Mrs. Darcy: Anne Bogel (aka, Modern Mrs. Darcy) has personally read and vetted all the books on her summer reading guide. I’ve only read one – again (see above) An American Marriage – but there are several included that had already made their way to my TBR list, which to me is a good sign for the quality of the others.

goodreads: Not all of these are new; some – like The Handmaid’s Tale – are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Once again, An American Marriage makes this summer reading guide.

Esquire: Positioned as “wouldn’t you rather impress your fellow sunbathers with some quality reading?” so be ready for some heavy hitters; but, if you like a challenge, this is a great summer reading guide.

Popsugar: On the other hand, this list is described as the “best books for your beach bag” so if you want something on the other end of the spectrum, this may be for you. However, a lot on this summer reading guide aren’t out until July 3 or later so this list may be best for later in the summer trips.

Washington Post: This is one of the longest summer reading guides I found, so it is bound to have something to please everyone. Each book’s genre is clearly labeled, which makes skimming it easy.

Vanity Fair: This summer reading guide contained a few I had never heard of but sound so. very. good. The purveyor of what is unknown but sure to be hot is totally on brand.

Indigo: Lots of books here and if you hurry, they are running a sale on many of them.


LitHub: They reviewed 28 summer reading guides & include all the books that had two or more showings, so a best of the best if you will. We were obviously consulting different lists, because in their roundup, An American Marriage only had two mentions.

Newsweek: This roundup by Newsweek will help you catch up on the 50 best fiction and non-fiction so far for 2018.

New York Post: Among their 20 best reads for the summer is Sweet and Low – a collection of stories by Nick White I recently reviewed for Penguin.

Town & Country: Billed as “fun, summer reads” this summer reading guide of 16 hits a pretty broad array of tastes.

BONUS! This isn’t a list like the ones above, but Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program where kids can earn a free book! Check it out!



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