Recipe :: Trifle in a Glass

It feels like cheating to call this a recipe, so perhaps consider it a gentle reminder: the same recipe you make in a large trifle dish can be replicated on an individual basis for stunning results.

Last weekend we had company for dinner. It was just one other couple, and I didn’t want leftovers – but what I did want was something light and impressive. This fit the bill.

You can use any trifle recipe & ingredients, but this one happened to be angle food cake, lite whipped topping and sliced strawberries. It would be equally impressive with a more indulgent pound cake and true whipped cream. If I hadn’t been attempting something on the healthy side, I would have gone with that option since making whipped cream is a breeze with my Kitchen Aid mixer by adding a little powdered sugar to heavy cream.

Whichever route you go, just follow this order: bread, cream, fruit.

Variations include any fruit you prefer, including mixing blueberries with strawberries for a July 4th celebration. It is delicious with peaches or raspberries as well. When cubed, both angel food cake and pound cake are equal foundations. And as mentioned above, you can go all out for homemake whipped cream or something from a tub, depending on your preference.

Regardless, the end result will wow your guests.


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