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A few years ago I blogged about a short film called The Candy Shop. Whitestone Motion Pictures wrote and created the film – a fairy tale-style storytelling of the all too prevalent sex-trafficking industry. At that time, I vowed to get involved, to do something, but I didn’t.

Fast forward more than four years, and I had a chance to re-immerse myself in the cause as well as learn about some others at the Wesleyan Women’s ALIVE 2015 conference. In one of the breakout sessions, Elizabeth Holmes accurately described what had been my experience with learning about human trafficking:



And then this.


But then she talked about this.


It was her goal to give us each a handle that we could grab on to – one that would be our size & the just the right weight we were looking for.

Add to this the breakout session led by Beth Cossin who talked not just about sex-trafficking but the various streams of focus for the Wesleyan Justice Network, and I left Alive inspired, encouraged and motivated – not to solve all the problems, but to be one piece of a solution.

My goal: to do just one thing each month. In Elizabeth’s presentation, she talked about doing what you already do – just do it for the cause. Do you sing? Sing about Justice. Do you paint? Paint about Justice. Do you teach? Teach about Justice.

So, that’s my plan. I will incorporate these causes for justice (and education about them) into what I already do.

I’m curious to hear from you. What are you doing to spread justice?


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