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tabouliI was introduced to tabouli when a Mediterranean / Greek restaurant moved in across from my office building and couldn’t believe how a delicious salad like this had escaped me all these years. I now make this frequently in the summer and even serve it to guests who are trying it for the first time.

This is a super easy recipe, and while it makes a lot, it is also very easy to divide. The ingredients are forgiving, so if do you want to just make it with one bunch of parsley instead of three, you can easily round the proportions up or down.

  • 3 bunches of parsley
  • 1 cup of mint
  • 1 cup fine bulgur
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tomato, chopped fine (I peel mine, but you don’t have to.)
  • 3 -5 scallions, chopped (depending on preference)
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (I cut this from 1/2 cup in the original recipe.)
  • juice from 2 large lemons
  • salt & pepper to taste (I use 2 t. sea salt + fresh pepper)

Cover bulgur with water and set aside for 45 – 60 minutes. Chop parsley and mint finely. (I use a food processor which makes it super easy.) Combine tomato, onion, oil and lemon juice. Add bulgur to this mixture for 10-15 minutes. Add to greens with salt & pepper. Enjoy!

I like to serve this with grilled chicken or sauteed fish. And, it does get better after sitting a day or two.


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