Share your best April Fool’s jokes!

Here’s mine:

When I was in college, the first chapter meeting for my sorority after our Spring break was on April 1. If you’re not familiar with sorority life, there is a ritual called “candlelight.” Candlelights are held when a girl is lavaliered, pinned or engaged. A bouquet of flowers with a candle in the middle is delivered to the house, the lights are turned off, and the flowers are passed around the circle while all the girls sing a song. If the candle makes it to its third trip around the room, that signals an engagement and everyone cheers. Everyone is so excited and can’t wait to find out which sister will now be planning her wedding! The engaged girl blows out the candle, and then is invited to the front of the room to tell her “story.”

I held a fake candlelight, creating a story of an engagement to a high school crush. You could see the bitterness in the eyes of the senior girls… they didn’t know if they should be more angry that it should be one of them up there or if they were more worried that this “good girl’s club” (stellar reputation, this sorority had) had a freshman getting engaged “too soon.”

I ended my “engagement story” by saying, “He looked into my eyes and said those three words every girl waits a lifetime to hear – ‘Happy April Fool’s!'”

At which time it was abundantly clear what those senior girls thought of me – “How dare she mess with ritual!”

It was a riot and completely worth the $20 spent on a fake solitaire!

(Semi-apologies to any of my sisters who read this.)

Now, how about yours? What’s the best April Fool’s joke that you’ve pulled or has been pulled on you?


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7 Replies to “Share your best April Fool’s jokes!

  1. I can't really think of one, but I'll tell you what I'm considering doing to Hubby later… I'm going to tell him that when I went to pick our son up from school another parent had some ADORABLE Puggle puppies they needed to give away. Today. And so I took one. Hubby will NOT be happy about this. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to pull it off, but it will be pretty funny if I can. ;D

  2. Do it! That would be awesome! Scott would freak if I brought home a new little brother or sister for Annie!

  3. Elisabeth, that is hysterical! You are too funny. Your great practical joke really makes my joke seem even sillier, but here goes:
    Q: Why are people so tired on April 1?
    A: Because they've just finished a 31 day March.

    Thank you, Farmer's Almanac Calendar! 🙂

  4. Too cute, Stacie – glad you liked the prank. I've actually given up practical jokes since then b/c I don't think I'll ever top that one!

  5. sorry! i am terrible at remembering jokes! i found you on the blog hop. i love the specificity of your reviews. great blog!

  6. lol, it definitely sounds worth the $20. I don't think I've ever pulled any April Fool's pranks, but once in highschool I found myself involved in a horrible one :S One guy I knew told a good friend of mine, who was out of town at the moment, that I had been in a car accident and was in intensive care. It didn't even cross her mind that someone would joke about something like that, so she sent me a desperate SMSs and when I called her back she was in tears. Needless to say, that guy was in trouble the next day!

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