Two for One

I’m a little delinquent on my review for Between the Tides, but if you’ve been reading my posts, you know that while I was in the middle, I liked it. The plot even picked up pace during the last third of the book, and so, true to my feeling about the beginning, I really liked this Henry book – so far this is my favorite.

On to current reads. . .it has been a while since I’ve read a Jodi Picoult that I really liked. The last one I read – The Tenth Circle – was just OK. However, I am loving Perfect Match. This is the Picoult of My Sister’s Keeper and The Pact.
Call me dense, but I did not connect the prologue with the plot until it happened. And when that happened, I was hooked. I love this main character – am incredibly sympathetic despite the fact that I don’t have kids. And, I really don’t know (at this point) how this one will end.
On being sympathetic with Nina. She’s both an adulterer and a murderer. So how can I love her? It may be because of her flaws.

Lets talk about the murder. Ok, she murders the priest that she thinks molested her son in an open courtroom before his indictment. I don’t think this is out of love of her son or because she knows it is the priest – I think she murders him out of pride. I think that she doesn’t want to subject her personal life to her life as a prosecuting attorney. I think if justice had truly been her motive, she would have let the test results come in first. But she couldn’t even endure the scene of the indictment.
And yes, the murder was completely selfish. I believe she risks far more harm to her son by removing herself from his life for the next 30 years than what he’ll suffer if an abuser is out of prison in 5 -10.
I’ll save the discussion on the adultery to see if warrants one for my end of book review. I’m about 100 pages from the end, so stay tuned for more. . . hopefully soon!


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2 Replies to “Two for One

  1. Is this “my” Picoult? I did like this one the best of all her books, but I don’t know that is saying a lot. I leaned toward the “she’s a selfish bitch” way of thinking, but dude, there’s a twist at the end I didn’t see coming which redeemed the whole book. Don’t know if you have finished, but it was GOOD.

  2. aaahhh . . . I’m about 50 pages from the end, so I can’t wait! I may just have to stay up tonight to read it. I don’t know what the twist could be. . . there is one thing I keep thinking, but I just don’t know. We’ll see! (do you mean is this your book? maybe, I’m not sure where I got it.)

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