Perfect Match :: Final Chapter (spoiler)

Ok, who didn’t know that the second priest didn’t die of natural causes? I picked that one as soon as I heard he died, it was just a matter of who did it. And, of course I figured Patrick did it. All of his questioning the ethics of what cops can and can’t do . . . a deliberate ploy by Picoult to lead the reader to assume he’s being racked by guilt.

But it was refreshing – and necessary – for it to have been Caleb. I liked that. I hadn’t picked up on the clues about the antifreeze, but I liked this part.

This book was hit from beginning to end for me. If you missed the first part of my review of Perfect Match, then go check it out.  
I loved how they resolved Nina’s court dilemma. I knew she wouldn’t be going to prison, I just didn’t know how Picoult could avoid it. A bit contrived, I admit, but believable – I guess. 
One thing that kept bugging me throughout the book was Quentin’s broken wife/son relationship. I get that it was there to show that he was human, his life wasn’t perfect, blah, blah, blah, but to me it was a waste of time. I wish that either it hadn’t been included or it was more developed so that it became a part of the plot. Basically I felt like it was included just so Quentin could say at the end of the trial, “I have a son, too.”
Nonetheless, Picoult is back. I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.


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  1. It WAS a good twist. And I like a good twist, so it almost made me really like Picoult and definitely like this book (esp. after I spent so much of it wanting to smack Nina).

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