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[13 Oct 2017 | No Comment | ]
Book Review :: A Little Life

Rare is it that I give a book five stars but readily say, this book isn’t for everyone. But I’m saying that with A Little Life. I loved it. Loved it so much. And typically five stars from me means everyone should read it. Not this one.
A Little Life is the story of four men who meet in college and the friendship that grows among them that carries through the next three decades. As the narrative unfolds, the reader understands that Jude, the central figure, is a damaged soul, having …

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[7 Oct 2017 | No Comment | ]
On Reading :: Changing Things Up

My reading style has changed this year. Not so much what I read, but how I read. I posted a few weeks ago about some of the podcasts that I’ve fallen for and mentioned that listening to podcasts has severely cut into the time I used to spend listening to audio books. A quick glance to compare this year’s reading list to last year’s reading list and the change is obvious.
I’ve pondered this diversion, felt a tinge of guilt about it, and pondered it more. Where I’ve landed is that …

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[27 Jul 2017 | No Comment | ]
Love :: Podcasts

It’s been years since I’ve written a “Things I Love Thursday” post. But because¬†podcasts have become my new drive-time favorite, significantly reducing the number of audio books I listen to, I wanted to share them with you.
First, if you’re not listening to podcasts, you should be. Think of them as TV in radio format. The variety is just as broad as what you get on TV, so saying you don’t like them is like saying you don’t like TV. And while people like that exist, primarily it hinges¬†on finding what …