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Author Q&A :: Twentymile

For those who visit regularly, you know that thrillers aren’t my go-to genre. But when a few of my colleagues at work started telling me about this great book a co-worker had published, I was intrigued. I purchased and read it in the course of a weekend – completely engaged and thoroughly entertained. But because I don’t normally review thrillers, I felt less up to that task. So instead, I asked Matt if he’d be willing to participate in a Q&A with me, and he agreed.

My 2020 Year in Books

A Different Sort of Reading Year

The most consistent reading theme for 2020 that I heard was an inability to “get into” a book, which was incredibly frustrating – especially during those weeks and months of “sheltering in place.” For many readers, they readily apply this feeling to that now cliche term of “unprecedented.”