Literary Roundup :: 2019 Summer Reading Guides

2019 Summer Reading Guides

2019 Summer Reading GuidesLast May I posted a roundup of various summer reading guides that had been released and it was one of my most popular posts of the year. While I just returned from the beach, there is still plenty of summer reading left. So, here’s the 2nd edition for 2019 Summer Reading Guides.

The Bitter Southerner: Like last year, this list includes the best of what has been published about the South be it fiction, memoir, children’s, essays, or other. Unlike last year, I haven’t read a thing on this list, so I have some catching up to do. I’m especially interested in the memoir Blood and the nonfiction read Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud and The Last Trial of Harper Lee, about a trial she covered that she said would be her next book but was never published.

Modern Mrs. Darcy: Anne Bogel’s list is one of the most anticipated summer reading guides, and this year she’s produced it in a fun magazine-style pdf. That said, you’ll have to give your email to actually see the list, but for readers who love her recommendations, that’s a small price. Or, you can check out her minimalist list here.

goodreads: Lots of picks – not necessarily new for 2019 – but organized by category so you can go straight to the ones you know you’ll enjoy.

Good Housekeeping: Pitched as 25 books to tear through before Labor Day, this is a good mix of light and breezy as well as thriller type new books from the year including some that aren’t due out until July or August.

Oprah Magazine: This list includes several that were big hits last year including Circe and An American Marriage.

She Reads: Positioned as “most anticipated books” of Summer 2019, most of these come paired with a read-alike to help you figure out if this book is for you.

Popsugar: This list includes The Favorite Daughter by Patti Callahan Henry that I suspect will be on many summer reading guides – as it well should be. Most of the books here are what you’d expect in a classic summer beach read.

Washington Post: There is something for everyone on this list with a good mix of fiction and nonfiction including a collection of short stories and a graphic memoir. Furious Hours makes a second appearance here, solidifying its place on my personal TBR list.

Elle: Also a list of books due out this summer, these may not hit your beach bag unless you’ve got a July or August trip planned. But who said summer reads are just for the beach?

The Week: Nine books for your summer pile and a link to their best recommendations for all of 2019.

Barnes & Noble: These lists are curated by audience and genre, so it should be easy for anyone in your family to find something they like.

The Boston Globe: A list of 75 great reads subdivided into literary fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, sports and soon-to-be movies. These also span a couple of years of publishing, so no waiting for the books on this summer reading guide to be published so you can purchase.

Food Tank: Not surprisingly, the 29 books on this summer reading guide all pertain to food – specifically “food justice, sustainability, reduced plastic usage, or better health choices.”

Literary Hub: Here’s LitHub’s most anticipated summer books, so you may have to wait to get your hands on a few of them.

As a bonus, I love what LitHub did last year with a mash-up of 28 different summer reading lists – a best of the best, if you will. I haven’t seen anything similar for 019, so here’s the 2018 list.



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