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Yep, confession – I love hotel shampoo. Maybe it’s the unexpected variety. Maybe I haven’t gotten over the teenage notion that switching up shampoo is good for your hair – it strips away build-up, didn’t you know? Maybe it’s the occasional indulgence in brands I don’t regularly buy. Whatever the case, I’m a sucker for hotel shampoo. And body wash. And conditioner. And lotion.

And I bring them home. I guess this is the real confession. I’m the one who *might* slip a once-used hotel bottle into my bag hoping cleaning service will leave a new, unopened version.

In bringing them home, they tend to collect. And that could be where the joy might end, but this past May I decided to try an experiment. Taking in the bag under my bathroom sink that was overflowing with hotel samples I decided to use them up. I wondered, how long could I go without buying shampoo, body wash, conditioner or lotion by just using my collection of samples?

This week I got my answer. Five months. Five months, at least for shampoo and body wash. I would estimate that I’ll go another five months – at a minimum – with the lotion and conditioner. Stay tuned; I’ll let you know.

Do you love hotel shampoo? If not, what is your travel confession?


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