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herbs2For most of my life, I’ve wanted to have a respectable herb garden, and I think I’ve finally arrived. My love for herbs started one summer in grade school when I took a summer enrichment class on herbs and all the things you could do with them. At that point, the utilization centered around drying, adding oils and creating potpourri. But now, I love to cook with herbs. I flavor my water with them. I love to just run my hand through their lush greenness and take in the invigorating scents. Yes, I love them.

So now that I have a respectable garden, I needed a way to identify them.

Husband: “Don’t you know which herbs are which?”

Of course I do. But markers are to garden what a frame is to a picture. It just finishes it off.

I got this idea from another idea I saw on Pinterest. And it isn’t as if there is a shortage of corks around here. (Apologies in advance to my friend Mandy that I’m supposed to be saving these for!)

HerbsMaking them was a breeze. First I chose corks that had little writing or at least large areas of little writing. I wrote the name of the herb with a black permanent marker on two sides. (I wish my handwriting were better, but this is who I am.) I bought dowel rods at Home Depot and painted them with a water-proof black spray, cutting the dowel rods in various length – lavender needs a different height marker than thyme. Using a power drill, I drilled holes in one end of the cork the size of the dowel & softly hammered them in!

There you go – herb markers personalized for exactly what you need in your garden.


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