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I do hate that I had to keep this post until after Christmas, but today’s Things I Love Thursday is what I gave my parents, and since my mom has a habit of stopping by Lit&Leisure, I couldn’t spoil their surprise.

Raise your hand if your parents are hard to buy for. [Looking at all the hands raised.] Mine aren’t always – often they help us out with ideas – but let’s face it, most of us buy for ourselves the things we need (or want) so sometimes coming up with a gift that will be used and appreciated is hard.

Enter these plastic tumblers. My parents have a pool and love entertaining around it. However, despite the recent notoriety of the red solo cup, those don’t cut it for most of their parties. However, glass isn’t practical either. So, for Christmas, we gave Mom & Dad these – monogramed plastic tumblers. They are sturdy enough to be washable, and are non-breakable, but inexpensive enough that if one goes into the trash or gets carried off, it isn’t a big deal. I opted for the 16 oz. version, which are perfect for a beer or canned drinks. I can’t wait to see Mom & Dad use them!

These plastic to-go tumblers are a stylish addition to casual entertaining and the perfect gift for anyone who has parties, especially around the water – be it poolside or other.  Order them in The Shop on the Social Primer website. And, while I know another Christmas is long away, there are many other occasions before then – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays – where this would be the perfect choice.

Plastic to-go tumblers by Social Primer – another thing I love!

(By the way, a couple’s monogram should have the ladies first initial on the left, the man’s initial on the right and their last name initial in the center.)


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