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I can’t resist this opportunity to say that I love Apple. Steve Jobs was a creative genius that will be missed, especially by those of us who use his products every day. He pioneered technology that we all now take for granted.

I know many of you are like me, and the very first computer you touched was a Macintosh – part of the “Apples for Schools” program. I always thought that was a brilliant marketing strategy. Put Macs in schools and ensure future generations consider you their first love.

I’ve worked in the realm of graphic design, and Apple has owned that market – that is how I came back to Apple. I am creating this post on my MacBook Pro, and my iPhone is sitting beside me.

On Tuesday at 2:30 EST, I had three live chats going as well as my Twitter feed, watching the minute by minute details of the conference in Cupertino. (I still have an iPhone3S, so I’ve been waiting eagerly for the announcement.) The technology released on Tuesday still very much has Jobs’ fingerprint on it, as will the next and the next. But I’m sure they’ll grow dimmer as Cook and the new leadership takes over. I believe in Cook  (he’s an Auburn man, and I couldn’t be prouder!) but he has enormous shoes to fill.

Until then, rest in peace, Steve Jobs. Our prayers of peace to your family. Thank you for you creativity, your inspiration, your gift – and for sharing these with us.


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