Secret Santa Loot!

Thanksgiving hadn’t even come & gone when a referb’d Amazon box arrived addressed to me. The return address was unfamiliar, but bore the auspicious “SS” of a Secret Santa.

Under some circumstances, I might be tempted to say “I’m going to wait to open this until December 25.” However, this year with the impending move, who knows if I could even keep up with the box until then, so I opened immediately!

I was DELIGHTED to find Jennifer Donnelly’s A Northern Light inside. This has been on my TBR list for awhile, and a recent review made me accelerate it’s status to MAS (“must acquire soon.”) Also included was a beautiful journal. I’ve been a journalist (as in, carries one with me most everywhere I go) most of my life, and I love the look and feel of a fresh new one! The cover on this one portends fantasy/dreams, so perhaps I will use this as a dream journal.

So many, many thanks to my anonymous Secret Santa! I’ll be mailing my package out in a day or so, and I hope my giftee enjoys her package as much as I did mine!


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2 Replies to “Secret Santa Loot!

  1. What a wonderful gift! I just picked up Donnelly's book the other day. I've heard such good things about it. Enjoy.

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