A bit of blogkeeping…like housekeeping, but for the blog

First, I am delighted to be featured today on Becky’s blog, Page Turners, in “Lights, Camera, Blog Action!” It is a weekly highlight of bloggers from around the globe. Becky is from Australia and is an amazingly prolific reader and blogger. Thank you, Becky, for offering the opportunity to be a part of your feature!

Next, don’t forget that the giveaway for Fireworks over Toccoa ends on Tuesday, so if you have signed up, cruise over to that entry and sign up. As I mentioned before, because of how many folks entered, Stepakoff has added a couple more books. So the first name drawn will receive the copy he signed and then two other lucky winners will receive copies from the publisher.

Finally, last weekend many bloggers from around the world participated in Dewy’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to, my schedule just does not allow for me drop everything to join something like this. Many of my blogging “friends” did participate, and you can read about a few of their experiences here:

However, my hubby is gone this weekend, so I’m going to have my own little read-a-thon by myself this weekend. Again, there are a lot of other things going on that I need to do, so it won’t be all reading, but here is what I hope to accomplish:

  • Catch up on my reading through the Bible. (I’m reading the Bible in year with my church, and I’ve gotten a wee bit behind.)
  • Finish Cutting for Stone. (My current read. I’m about 1/3 of the way through this 650 page chunker, but ohhhh is it good!)
  • Read one other book that is still TBD. (My pile is so large… it is overwhelming just to consider.)
I’ll post a quick update when the weekend is over. 
Happy Friday, all. I hope that where ever you are, the weather is a beautiful as it is in my neck of the woods!


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6 Replies to “A bit of blogkeeping…like housekeeping, but for the blog

  1. Bill, who NEVER reads books, read Lone Survivor by Marcus Litrell in one day and couldn't put it down! Maybe you can add it to your pile. 😉 I'm reading it now, plus Babywise 2! 😉 Happy weekend!

  2. Oh E – this sounds like a heavenly weekend! Add a glass or two of vino and it will be perfect! I hope you have a blissful time. 🙂

  3. We had lovely weather here all week, but now that the weekend is starting it's raining nonstop 🙁

    I couldn't join the read-a-thon this time either, but I was glad to see everyone have such a good time.

  4. Sarah – Not familiar with that one, but I'll look into it. Welcome to BBB; thanks for stopping in!

    Tiff – absolutely! Do you really think I'd let a weekend like this go by without vino?!

    Nymeth – Here's to better weather in your neck… we had a beautiful weekend. Thanks for your faithfulness!

    Rebecca – I don't get them often enough…I need about one of these a month!

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