Thrity Umrigar and Women in Science

Today is Ada Lovelace Day. I had no idea until I read it on Nymeth’s blog, but since she’s the daughter of Byron – one of my favorites of the British romantic poets – it’s as good a connection as any to what this post is about. Today is to celebrate women in science. To learn why that is, you’ll need to go over to Things Mean A Lot to find out.

I’m going to celebrate women in science by focusing on technology and inviting you all to visit BlogTalkRadio and listen or download the mp3 of last night’s discussion of The Weight of Heaven with its author, Thrity Umrigar. (I’m sorry that I didn’t get a post on yesterday to let you all know that it had been rescheduled for last night.)

Anyway, last night was a wonderful experience. For about 45 minutes, I participated in chat room while listening to our host (Erica) interview Umrigar. There were about 12 of us in the chat room, and Erica fielded our questions to the author. It was a wonderful clean and organized format, eliminating talking over one another and other mass chaos that ensues when there are too many voices.

If you haven’t read the book, that’s OK – the show doesn’t contain spoilers. And if you’re curious about the chat room transcript, I have it. Just let me know in the comments, and I’ll email it to you. In addition to talking about this book Umrigar talked about teaching, the writing experience, developing titles and the novel she is working on next.

This is just another incredible opportunity that has been made aware to me because of entering the blogging world. I would encourage you all to register at BlogTalkRadio and particularly check out Book Club Girl’s Authors on Air shows. One of her upcoming guests is Adriana Trigiani, and I happen to know that one of Babbette’s readers is a big fan.. 😉

And thus, I celebrate women in science by inviting you to join me in a whole new way to access our favorite authors!


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  1. This is probably a silly question, but can you just listen to the BlogTalkRadio shows at any time, sort of like podcasts? Because sadly it's almost always the middle of the night for me when they're originally on 🙁

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