Happy Blogiversary to Me!


This has been an amazing year. As I’ve shared before, when I started this, I had the expectation of maybe a dozen folks reading here. My real purpose was twofold: to keep me accountable to recording what I read & my thoughts about those book and to start writing again on a regular basis.
Since that February Friday afternoon a year ago, I can’t believe how much has happened. I’ve “met” some amazing folks who love books as much as I do and are as weird as I am about setting goals for reading. The book blogging world is a fascinating and humbling place to abide. I’ve learned that while I may not ever make a living at this, I can supplement my “habit” with gratis books on occasion. And probably most importantly, (I think) I’ve become a better reader and writer.
On the flip side, my TBR pile has better than tripled, and I’m even more convinced that I’ll die before I’m able to read everything that I want to.
And so, I thank you, the readers of Babbette’s Book Blog, who have started or joined me on this journey. It is incredibly rewarding to read your comments and hear when something resonates with you. I really do appreciate all of your support.
With much love and affection,
PS – And since I totally missed celebrating my 100th post, this will suffice for that as well – Happy 103rd post to me! 😉


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13 Replies to “Happy Blogiversary to Me!

  1. Many heartfelt congratulations to you, Elisabeth. I enjoy your blog so much. In fact, your blog is only one of three that I follow. I've tried to follow a number of blogs, but they just don't hold my interest. Your blog more than does so.

    You have introduced me to many books I'd otherwise not know about or would have passed up. You have also created a blog that is fair-minded and very smart, as well as diverse in what it discusses. Your style, wit, and unique voice create something very special. Bravo to you, and many more years of blogging ahead to you!

  2. You've done a great job with your blog. I love reading your thoughts and recommendations. Here's to another great year! Cheers!

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