Someone Thinks I’m Over the Top!

Bloggers, for the most part, are really nice people. This is evidenced by the prevalence of these cute little buttons you’ll see adorning many a blog sidebar noting that this blog has been noticed by others and deemed worthy of tapping. (These are not to be confused with the Bloggies that I wrote about yesterday.)

I just received my very first of such award!

Klangford at Unveiled was the sweetie who sent it to me. So evidently she thinks I’m “Over the Top!” She actually had some very nice things to say about me, for which I am humbled and grateful. (And feel a bit guilty as I ALWAYS find errors in my posts days or weeks after they’ve gone up.)

Anyway, here’s the deal: I must answer the following questions with one word answers and then pass the award on to 5 other bloggers whom I believe are also “Over the Top!” (They will then repeat.) Here goes:

Your Cell Phone? iPhone
Your Hair? uncooperative
Your Mother? mentor
Your Father? cheerleader
Your Favorite Food? sushi
Your Dream Last Night? unintelligible
Your Favorite Drink? red
Your Dream/Goal? lottery!
What Room Are You In? office
Your Hobby? books
Your Fear? teeth
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? 43
Where Were You Last Night? tub
Something That You Aren’t? precise
Muffins? avoidable
Wish List Item? house
Where Did You Grow Up? Toccoa
Last Thing You Did? gum
What Are You Wearing? boots
Your TV? avoidable
Your Pets? cherished
Friends? cherished
Your Life? fulfilling
Your Mood? hopeful
Missing Someone? nope
Vehicle? Pilot
Something You Aren’t Wearing? socks
Your Favorite Store? book
Your Favorite Color? green
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? today
Last Time You Cried? yesterday
Your Best Friend? husband
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? tomorrow
Facebook? absolutely
Favorite Place To Eat? Bonefish

And now to pass this on.

First, Bunnygroround. You know her as a frequent guest reviewer; I know her as one of the best friends anyone could ask for.

Next, Swestie. She is actually the first person I knew personally who was a blogger – this was 10 or so years ago. Sallie and I were raised like cousins, though there’s no blood relation. (Her mom was my uncle’s first wife.) Her oldest brother is here with me. She is also super creative and an all around cool chick. Check her out.

Now on to a few who I don’t know personally, but have gotten to know since I entered this new and wonderful world of blogging.

First, Amy at My Friend Amy. Fellow book blogger and sisters in several ways. She also has just started another blog where she’s journaling her spirituality – which is brave to say the least.

Second, Sarah at Que Sarah Sarah who was one of the first people to reach out to me in the bloggingsphere & encourage me when I started Babbette’s Book Blog. And, I just love the look on her blog – that is so my ‘feel.’

Finally, (and this is a hard one ’cause there are about 5 more I want to tap) Alyce at At Home with Books. Alyce gets this because she’s as much a purest as anyone in that her blog is full of reviews – good reviews. I don’t track where I learn about books – I probably should – but I think I’ve added more books to my TBR pile as a result of her posts as any other blog. Plus, she was a linguistics major & my linguistics professor was one of my favorites. So, linguists will always have a special place in my heart.

Congrats! You are all Over the Top in my book! (Or should that be blog?)


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5 Replies to “Someone Thinks I’m Over the Top!

  1. @Amy – It is such a small world!! No, I haven't read it. He's coming to do a reading on Feb. 11 & I'm going up for that, though. I bet we have mutual friends. I grew up in First Alliance where a lot of the students & profs went to church. A lot of the kids in my youth group went there. How cool.

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