DO NOT use for online printing needs!

DO NOT use for online printing needs…. (unless you’re ok with this level of service).

Me: I received this order on Wednesday. However, the back of the card is printed upside down. On my proof it shows correctly – the orientation of both the front and back are the same. This is not the case with what I received. I would like to have them reprinted correctly. Please advise.

123Print: Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to the files once they are submitted online. They get downloaded directly into our printers, and we are unable to alter them at all. However, if you would like a full refund, simply mail the incorrect items to the address below.

Me: I don’t need you to change the file – I just need for you to flip it around so it isn’t upside down.

123Print: as stated before we cannot alter the files we receive.

Really? Seriously? You’re a printer and you can’t “flip” a file. Then how about some instructions that say upload file and turn upside down so that it prints correctly?!?!

So now, I get to pay for shipping a bad product back to a bad company. Ugh.


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