Wrapping up 2009

So in wrapping up 2009, it has been a pretty eventful year for me where books are concerned. When I started the year, I had a couple of goals: read 30 books, and of those, read 5 non-fiction and 5 classics. I’ll finish this year with 37 books read and another 11 on audio. I’ve met my non-fiction goal with 8, but not my classics goal (only 3).

Early on in the year – while reading Choose Your Life – I also decided that I wanted to start writing again, and this blog has give me that opportunity as well. And, speaking of the blog, I had no idea it would end up being read by so many people. Seriously, when I started writing, I figured I could count on about 10 faithful followers – my husband, a few good friends who are readers, my mom, etc. Early in December I saw that I was in the high 400’s for unique visitors, I thought I’d hope to hit 500 by the end of the year. Those hopes were dashed when I redesigned the site and forgot to add the analytics code back into the html. So I actually lost 11 days of tracking. But I guess that didn’t matter, because this morning when I checked, I’ve had 514 unique viewers. Wow. This is really amazing, and actually pretty humbling.

So, all in all, I feel pretty good about my year, and I am very excited about 2010!

Also, in the form of a wrap-up, here are my top five from my 2009 reads: (in no particular order)
Ava’s Man
The Space Between Us
The Book Thief

As far as audio tapes, my favorite was Between, Georgia.

So again, for those who are stopping by, are reading and especially for those of you who comment, thank you. And what about you? What were your top reads of 2009?


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6 Replies to “Wrapping up 2009

  1. I bet… I love Books on the Nightstand & Michael picked it as his best read of 2009. Excellent, excellent read.

  2. You already know mine, but I will post them again here (in order):
    1) America's Boy by Wade Rouse
    2) The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper
    3) Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster
    4) The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson
    5) My Life in France by Julia Child

    Oddly, three of those are non-fiction…I read 8 non-fiction this year as well, but in the "stories of my life" autobiographical vein.

  3. Yes, Bunny, my non-fiction # is a little elevated for its purpose. These were supposed to be non-fiction, improve yourself type of reads, but several of mine were stories that happened to be true, too.

  4. @SWAH – If it is The Girl who Stopped Swimming, me too! It is on my TBR pile & one I included for the challenge.

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