In which Babbette Joins Yet Another Challenge

I really am resisting becoming one of those people. You know, the one that joins all the challenges.

But you see, this one plays to a weakness. I love themes in literature. I love looking for themes, finding themes, discussing themes, even arguing for obscure themes that are only apparent after peeling through layers of other themes.

So, I caved. This Challenge is being offered by Stacey over at Unruly Reader

Here’s the deal:
Choose one word a theme you want to focus on during 2010—your “theme” for the year.

Usually it will be a word related to improving one’s life—words such as happiness, balance, simplicity, creativity, abundance, serenity… or come up with your own!

Then—read books related to that word.

Choose your level of participation:

THEME THING: Read 5 books related to your theme—at least 1 fiction and 1 nonfiction.

THEME MANIA: Read 7 books related to your theme—at least 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction.

THEME SUPREME: Read 10 books related to your theme—at least 3 fiction and 3 nonfiction.

1. The challenge runs from January 1 – December 31, 2010.
2. Participants may join anytime before December 31.
3. Re-reads and overlaps with other challenges are fine.
4. Audiobooks count!
5. No need to list your books beforehand, and no need to write reviews.
6. Create an intro post linking to her blog & post a comment that you’re joining here. (If you don’t blog, skip to #9.)
7. Then sign up here via Mr. Linky (at her blog here), using your intro post’s address. Please use this style: blog name (theme word); e.g., Unruly Reader (balance)
8. Add a Comment to her post, telling us your theme word and your level of participation.
9. For Babbette readers who don’t blog, post your theme in the comments below, and I’ll create a page for you like I’ve done with the other challenges.


You’ll notice that I modified her instructions from a one word theme to a theme with multiple words…that’s because my theme is going to be “the power of the written word.” And, I’ll go for the level of “Theme Mania.”

Come on & join me!


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4 Replies to “In which Babbette Joins Yet Another Challenge

  1. Yes, and there is a page waiting for your reply… 😉 I'm trying to come up with a few "best ofs" to post on your blog. I have my top five books from this year sitting in a post yet to be published, but I want some others…

  2. Elisabeth,

    Welcome to the ThemeQuest Reading Challenge! I adore themes, too.

    "The power of the written word" is a terrific theme. I look forward to following your selections.

    It's going to be a fun year!


  3. Regrettably, I don't think I can commit to this challenge, though the idea is really appealing. I fear participating would only add to my TBR pile, and 2010 is the year I attack that hydra!

    Your theme is intriguing… this could take you in many directions. I look forward to learning about your progress. You’ll keep us updated on your progress, right?

    Now, off to start that Capote you loaned me. Thanks & Happy Holidays to all!

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