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You already know that I have taken on the 2010 TBR Challenge hosted by MizB. In addition to just thinking about reducing the size of my TBR, I want to think about what my ‘mix’ of books for 2010 will look like. So, what I’m talking about is less of a challenge and is more goal setting.

For 2009 I set three goals as they related to reading: 30 books total, 5 non-fiction, and 5 classics. Two out of three ain’t bad, so I hear.

So, for 2010, my “challenge” is called Mixology, and the rules are pretty simple.

1. List how many books total you want to read in 2010.

2. List no less than 4 categories for these books and determine how many you’ll read in each category. Examples of categories:
by class: fiction / non-fiction / contemporary / classic / newly published / award winning (Booker, Pulitzer)
by genre: historical fiction, religious fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian literatur, memoir, biography, personal or professional growth
by class of author: female / male / Asian / Middle Eastern
other: TBR / review (ARC) books

3. These books can overlap with other challenges AND even fit more than one category within this challenge.

4. Audio books do count; re-reads do not.

Here are my 2010 Mixology Goals:
1. 40 books total
2. 10 “New to me” Award-winning authors (authors I’ve never read but have won awards)
3. 8 non-fiction
4. 5 classics
5. 6 review or ARC books
6. 12 from my TBR

If you don’t have a blog, and you want to participate, post your list in the comments. (I’ll create a page for you, and I’ll update it as you send updates to me.) If you do have a blog, add your own post to the Mr. Linky list below. 


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11 Replies to “Book Challenge :: 2010 Mixology

  1. I like the new look, too. If I had a blog, I'd get so into the look of it I might never get around to posting.

    I like Mixology 2010. I'll see what kind of mixture I can come up with. Thanks for adding such fun & interactive opportunities to your blog.


  2. @Stacie – I'm glad you like it! I know you liked the old version, too, so I'm glad this one works for you as well. It has been a little overwhelming as I've worked on it the past couple of weeks – the options are literally endless. I hope I have several of you participate in Mixology – I don't want to wear you down since you're also doing the TBR challenge…which, btw, I'll have a page up for y'all soon on that one….I'll keep you posted.

  3. I will read the following genre's

    1. books read – 360
    2. Books Published 2010 – 20
    3. Non-fiction – 20
    4. TBR – 20
    5. Biography – 15
    6. Fiction – 250
    7. Historicals – 10


  4. I'm looking forward to this one too! I am going to read 30 for this challenge:

    15 new authors
    5 classic literature
    5 non-fiction
    5 female and/or deaf authors

  5. Great challenge!!

    My categories are as follows:

    25 library books
    25 books off my shelves
    12 global reads
    12 thrillers
    1 non-fiction

  6. 3. Non-fiction – 20 DONE
    1. Collins, Dvid R To the Point
    2. Kulling, Monica Escape North
    3. Griffin, Judith Berry Nat Turner
    4. Fyrbee, Mary Rodd Outrageous Woman of the Civil War
    5. Olson, Tod The California Gold Rush
    6. Bredeson, Camen Jonas Salk
    7. Keller, Mollie Alexander Hamilton
    8. Smith, Houston Buddhism
    9. Jacobs, William Jay Cortes
    10. Quackenbush, Robert The Story of Davey Crocket
    11. Savage, Stephen Animals of the Oceans
    12. Feinstein, Stephen Walt Disney and Disneyland 12
    13. Marzello, Jean Ruth and Naomi
    14. Dunn, Joeming Peter Pan
    15. Hopins, Ellen Orca's, the High Seas Supermen
    16. Rice, William B. Geologists
    17. Kehret, Peg Small Steps
    18. Brill arlene Tart Autism
    19. Zalben, Jane Breskin Pearl's Passover
    20. Greenblass, Miriam Napoleon Bonaparte

    4. TBR – 20 DONE
    1. Howard, Linda Cover of Night
    2. Keene, Carolyn The Secret in the Old Clock
    3. Keene, Carolyn The Hidden Staircase
    4. Keene, Carolyn The Bungalow Mystery
    5. Keene, Carolyn The Mystery of Lilac Inn
    6. Keene, Carolyn The Secret of Shadow Ranch
    7. Keene, Carolyn The Secret of Red Gate Farm
    8. Keene, Carolyn The Clue in the Diary
    9. Carroll, Stuart Alice throught the Looking Glass
    10. Quick, Amanda Second Sight
    11. Howard, Linda Kiss and Tell
    12. Fobes, Tracy To Tame a Wild Heart
    12. eene, Carolyn Nancy's Mysterieous Lettr
    13. Keene, Carolyn The Sign of the Twisted Candles
    14. Keene, Carolyn The Password to Larkespur Lane
    15. Keene, Carolyn The Clue of the Broken the Broken Locket #11
    16. Keene, Carolyn The Message in the Hollow Oak #12
    17. Keene, Carolyn The Mystery of the Ivory Charm #13
    18. Keene, Carolyn The Whispering Statue #14
    19. Keene, Carolyn The Haunted Bridge #15
    20. Chadwick, Elizabeth First Knight

    5. Biography – 15 DONE
    1. Griffin, Judith Berry Nat Turner
    2. Collins, Dvid R To the Point
    3. Fyrbee, Mary Rodd Outrageous Woman of the Civil War
    4. Bredeson, Camen Jonas Salk
    5. Keller, Mollie Alexander Hamilton
    6. Jacobs, William Jay Cortes
    7. Quackenbush, Robert The Story of Davey Crocket
    8. Sparks, Nicholas 3 Weeks with My Brother
    9. Feinstein, Stephen Walt Disney and Disneyland
    10. Marzello, Jean Ruth and Naomi
    11. Gray, Charlotte Mother Teresa
    12. Kenret, Peg Sall Steps
    13 .Greenblass, Miriam Napoleon Bonaparte
    14. Denenbert, Barry All Shook Up: Live and Death of Elvis Presley
    15. O'Neal, Zibby Grandma Moses
    16. Gleiter, Jan Kit Carson
    17. Marzollo, Jean Miriam and Her Brother Moses
    18. Chadwick, Elizabeth First Knight
    19. McDonough, Yona Zeldis Frank Lloyd Wright

    6. Fiction – 250 see above April 166
    7. Historicals – 10 DONE
    1. Garwood, Julie Gnetle Warrior
    2. Stirtevant, Katherine The Siign at the Star
    3. Springer, Nancy The Casse of the Bizarre Bouquets
    4. Quick, Amanda Second Sight
    5. Garwood, Julie One Pink Rose
    6. Erickson, Carolly The Tsarina's Daughter
    7. Lindsey, Johanna Pirate's Love
    8. Fobes, Tracy To Tame a Wild Heart
    9. Spark, Muriel The Abbess of Crewe
    10. Heyer, Georgette The Black Moth
    11. Rice, Anne Angel Time – Time Travel
    12. Jones, Elizsabeth McDavid Secrets on 26th Street
    13. Robards, Karen Shameless

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