Worlds Colliding

Most of you know that in real life I work in healthcare. Specifically, I’m responsible for keeping about 1400 physicians across 4 hospitals “in the loop” with what’s going on in our system. I also try to stay pretty informed on what is going on outside our system, and so I read a dozen or so physician or hospital blogs from across the country.

There is a lot that is being written about healthcare reform. I think I’m so numb to it that at this point, I’ll only read it if it is funny. Dr. Wes fits that criteria. He’s also currently running a fun photo contest that I thought I’d promote here. What a perfect collision of my worlds when blogging meets healthcare meets photography. I think I need to buy a lottery ticket.

Anyway, the details of his contest are on Dr. Wes’ site – he’s giving away an iTouch. (I’ve also added his badge at the bottom left column of the blog.)

And, if you thought there was something you wanted to know about health reform that you didn’t know, his site is a pretty entertaining place to mill about. For example, he’s got a recent entry on the bill that passed the House here: The House Health Care Bill and Bureaucratic Duplication.

I’m working on my own entry for Dr. Wes; stay tuned.

PS: If I win Dr. Wes’ iTouch, I’ll send it to the person who first correctly comments and tells me what the title of this post is an allusion to.


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3 Replies to “Worlds Colliding

  1. I have my husband (hey, you know him!) to thank for knowing the answer to this question, and also wikipedia to confirm the details. It's a Seinfeld quote. Specifically episode 118, when Susan (part of George's dating world) tries to join his circle of friends (his every week Seinfeld world).

    You don't understand, I really want an iTouch.

  2. You got it, K!

    I should have also put in the post that my contest doesn't preclude anyone from entering the contest on their own…

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