Happy Birthday, Annie!

This precious puppy, one of the loves of my life, turns 6 today. She went to the spa today and had her hair cut, and she’s not nearly as cute now as she is when her hair is a little longer. But, this is her latest portrait by her daddy from this past weekend.

I don’t think I have ever explained her name, so I guess today is as good at time as any. Her name is Antigone (An-tig-oh-knee) – the tragic Greek character – daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta – who in short valued god’s law above man’s law.

And, I should also give props to Bunny, who helped me name her. I was debating over a few literary characters, and she was the one who suggested “Annie” as short for “Antigone.”

Happy Birthday, Annie!


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2 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Annie!

  1. yeah, but I think one of the alternates was Eurycleia & I"m not sure "leia" would have been as great a fit!

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