Current Read…Infidel

I’m a little more than 100 pages in and this is another book that just hasn’t caught me yet.

This year one of my goals was to read more non-fiction. I’ve never been much of a biography reader, but I know that there are some great ones out there and that there’s much to learn from others, blah, blah, blah, but so far, Infidel is reminding me of why I don’t typically like biographies.
Infidel is Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s story of growing up female in a male dominated Muslim world, the abuse she endured (including female mutilation) at the hand of the women who should have been there to protect her – her mother and grandmother – and her eventual escape and rise as a humanitarian star.
At first I thought I wasn’t being hooked because I was only getting a few minutes here & there to read, and sometimes that keeps me from getting into it. However, this morning I was able to read more than 70 pages in one sitting & still nothing.
On the cover of my copy it says: “Brave, inspiring, and beautifully written…” Eh?
Here’s the thing. It is all narrative plot. This happened, then this happened, then this happened. There is very little description of anything – people, places – and almost no dialogue. When I read, I depend so much on how the story is playing out in my mind’s eye, and creating this imagery is nearly impossible. With no dialogue, there are no individual voices.
But unlike other books that I’ve decided to put aside this year, this one I know I will finish. For some reason, I feel like there’s too much at stake not to. Stay tuned.


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