My friend Derek….

Just so you know, I’m not a musician.

Despite the fact that I took piano for 9 years, a baby grand sits in our den, and both of my brothers play and write music. For me, it didn’t stick. I didn’t get the gene. Whatever you want to call it.

However, I do know what I like & I like this. I work with a guy – Derek – who moonlights as a songwriter. (Yeah, we all moonlight – big dreams, I guess.) I think he’s pretty talented & that he’s got some amazing stuff.

Here are two songs he recorded yesterday. (Vocals are by Cindi Hall.)

Here they are!

Congrats, Derek.


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  1. I should have put this in the post, but it is funny, Derek & I were both writing about catching lightening bugs last weekend – he in his song "Sleepin' with the Windows Open" and me in my review of Ava's Man. We had a good laugh about it on Monday at work when he sent me the rough cut of the song. Derek's a southerner, too – from Louisiana.

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