A Tribute to Women. . .

What good is having a professional photographer as a husband if you can’t occasionally get him to take a personal picture? My thoughts exactly!

So, in honor of all women, not just the ones who have carried living beings in their womb, a special post about the women in my life.

First, my mom. Aside from the very literal reasons, this blog would not exist without this woman.

My mom gave me her love for the written word. I learned to read sitting on her lap taking a part in Macbeth during “family time.” We spent summers with piles of books beside us, loading down a bag of them for the beach because the worst thing that could happen would be to run out.

We dissected books. And during these discussions I learned what gave a story texture and depth – quality. This is still one of my very favorite things to do – discussing a recent read with her.

She also gave me a love for the written
Word. I know few people who have a parent that illustrated as well as my mom did what it means to have a personal relationship with our Lord and the importance of daily quiet time in scripture. I don’t come close to being as faithful as she has been, but I’m working on it.

Now, to the lady of the house.

This is my precious Annie, and the being that brings me the closest I am to a being mom. (I tell people that she indeed enjoys all the benefits of being an only child.) Annie is a 5 1/2-year-old Peek-A-Poo, and I can’t imagine life without her.

She came into my life, very appropriately, on Thanksgiving Day 2003, and for several years, it was just the two of us. For those years, Annie slept the first part of the night at my feet and then moved in the early morning hours to spoon with me in my arms. For many of the pages I’ve reviewed here, she’s been curled up in my lap at their reading.

And so, while a bit tardy, I wanted to pause during this season when we celebrate our mother’s to honor not only these two ladies in my life, but all women. For I believe all women – whether they nurture their own children, animals, plants or the children of others – have the heart of a mom.


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  1. Well said. Recently, I was answering one of those Facebook surveys, and here is the answer I gave to an important question:

    Who do you think impacted your life the most?

    My mother…she taught me to love reading, took me to church, answered when I asked tough questions (hey, Mom, how do two men do “it”?), taught me acceptance of others, instilled a strong work ethic, demonstrated her love and affection openly, and always encouraged me to do my best but did not have unrealistic expectations….Thanks, Mom!

    Being a mom is to me is about selflessly putting others first, empathy, caring. As the mom to two furry dogters, I agree that those qualities can bne shared to man and beast!

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