They said it would happen. . .

. . .but I didn’t think it would be this fast.

Some marketing guru has published a list of the 10 reasons why you should NOT have a blog. Infrequent postings is way up there. For a company that wants to appear “hip” and up-to-speed with social media, the obvious solution is “have a blog!” However, those who study social media see that having something that isn’t used or kept up to date is worse than having it at all.
I didn’t think I would get there this quick; so to anyone who is reading, I apologize.
Now on to books. 
My absence has nothing to do with not reading – I am in fact currently reading three books! This is an oddity for me. I’ve never been one of those who could read more than one at a time. But two of my current reads are non-fiction, personal / professional development types, so they don’t fit in to the reasons why I only read one book at a time. (A topic for another day.)
The fiction I’m reading currently is by my latest girl-crush (yes, I have girl-crushes) Patti Callahan Henry. It is Between the Tides. She has five out (the sixth has been turned in, not sure when it is due out), I’ve read two & this is definitely my favorite.
First, it begins with something I can relate to. I won’t digress completely, but my 30th birthday was completely forgotten by my then significant other. So, I immediately felt this empathy with the main character. I know there are different things that create relationships between readers and the characters, and for some, this may seem silly, but if you’ve lived it, it is isn’t. It just spoke to me. Immediately. 
Both of Henry’s other two books spoke heavily of the theme of revisiting the past and its lost loves – this one is no different, though it is a daughter revisiting the past of her father, that of course is her past as well. So while the themes are there, this one has intricacies that make the story more meaningful to me.
Since I haven’t finished it, I don’t want to assume too much, but I’m sure this character will find love with one of two men – one from her far past, the other, while also from her past, more connected with her father – my money is on him. Anyway, I’m just really enjoying Cathrine / Cappy and the journey she is on to find her father’s story.
BTW, you may wonder why Henry is my latest girl crush & it comes from having met her. My mom is a member of the Toccoa Women’s Literary Club that happens to be the oldest, continually meeting literary club in Georgia. It only has about 15 members, and it is literally one of those clubs where someone has to die for a new member to be asked to join. So anyway, they celebrated their 115th anniversary in November & Patti Henry spoke. I had the incredible pleasure of sitting at her table & she simply is delightful. Seriously. Simple. Delight. So easy to talk to, so sincere in her conversation. Just a pleasure.
(On a side note and to show that I don’t just swoon when I meet a writer, I recently had an encounter with another best selling author & humorist from Gainesville who will remain nameless except that she writes about flirting and race cars & snob, snob, snob.)
Anyway, loving Henry’s book, & I’ll be sure to review when I finish. 


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  1. Hmmmm…wonder who that G-ville writer could be???!!? Ha. I know EXACTLY who. And I agree with your assessment. Weren’t you still at the hospital that time she called PR? Oy.

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